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Citation Vie de merde

Have I ever told you how I looove how you write. I'm evil, I do want your best and for you to never have to bitch about sthnomieg, but you do it so well! Anyway, I envy your AC. I think you two were lucky to come to the SOF earlier cause now at 33 degrees C I fell like 45 in Craiova and that seems bliss 'cause it wasn't this wet We went up a cliff yesterday towards the mountains, my God! NO WIND, not a wisp, horrible. So I envy your two letters. Also because a ventilator would've been enough, but guess what! They ALL had this idea=> result: it's been 2 freakin'weeks of 26 degrees at night and 35 every day and the ventilators in the shops disappear like petits pains' So we aren't jet lagged but just as sleep deprived .Thus, I've been there is suited to end this bit ..Thanks for Liz Gilbert too, Just what I needed. You're becoming my lit guru if you keep it up !:)
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