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dPen & Miriam Vaga - Huldra (Deepfunk's Haunted Mix)

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Release Date 2012-07-09
Label Southsight
Catalog # SSA009

This is Dpen debut on Southsight, his co-production with Miriam (first appearance since Guy J's album) will blow your minds without doubt, we mean, this is perfect for the summer floors, it rolls heavy with Dpen's trademark drive and groove. He drops the bass in the synth-lead breaks before slamming it back for, dare we say it, those real hands in the air moments. That lovely voice from miriam is the key to set the floor on fire, this is more than a simple song, it's a weapon. Ok, you heard the Mixes and the Dub ones, and then you find the remixed ones, We chose David, Deepfunk and Ezequiel, have been seen more than once on Southsight, and were our best choice without doubt. David mix is a thing from another world, nothing you can do here, just sit, close your eyes and feel. Deepfunk made it again, typical heads down fashion and with a dizzying display of hats and snare, grooving and hypnotic. Ezequiel drops a wicked mix, combining luscious synth lines with crisp beats, tech infused stabs and of course, the beautiful voice of Miriam.

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