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Poison Pro & Miusha - Alien

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The ninth of november, still a special day for the world, for Germany and for techno. It's been 23 years since the Berlin wall came down. An impressive historical moment which celebrated the reunion of East and West Berlin. Besides this it was also the birth of techno in Europe. Young pioneers like Dimitri Hegemann invaded the empty buildings in the East en started clubs as Tresor, which is still going strong this day and age. 23 years ago, young people dancing together while celebrating their newfound freedom. Techno formed the soundtrack of this big historical happening. Music = freedom, and it always will be.

Artist: Poison Pro & Miusha
Title: Alien (Vocal Mix)
Label: Proton Music
Catalog#: PROTON147
Releasdate: 2011-04-09

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